Sheree Thaxton Vodicka: Carrots and cabbage

March 6, 2013 

Carrots and cabbage

Regarding the March 5 article “Carrots, not cookies, at school benefits?”: Promoting healthier school fundraisers is an important step toward improving the health of thousands of students in Wake County. Advocates for Health in Action, a Wake County-based healthy weight collaborative, supports the School Health Advisory Committee’s recommendation to the Wake County school board to strengthen the existing Wellness Policy by adding a provision to restrict the sale of unhealthy food or beverages as fundraisers.

AHA promotes and supports school fundraising efforts using healthy alternatives. At a minimum, food fundraising should include healthy choices such as bottled water, fruit, baked chips and other lower fat, lower calorie items. The fact is, many people want to make healthier food choices, but they cannot make those choices if they don’t exist. When you look at the fact that nearly half of our children and youths are either overweight or obese, we cannot continue to fund school activities at the expense of our children’s health.

The SHAC recommendations can have a tremendously positive health impact. Let’s come together as a community and figure out how to find creative ways to fund school activities and have healthy kids.

Sheree Thaxton Vodicka

Director, Advocates for Health in Action, Raleigh

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