Dick VanSickle: A college’s ‘court’

March 7, 2013 

A college’s ‘court’

Regarding your March 2 article “Protesters support student”: Why does the so-called Honor Court have authority over the criminal justice system? If students are reviewing a rape case, what do they do if the victim proves her case? Is it turned over to the district attorney for prosecution or is the sole purpose of the “Honor Court” to protect the school?

Do the members have any police training, legal training? What are the requirements to be a member of the court?

In cases I have read about in your paper, the Honor Court finds a way to dismiss the charges by using information that would not be permitted in a court of law.

Where is the public safety protected? These same criminals could also be in our neighborhoods and commit additional crimes. Because the Honor Court covered it up, then this criminal would be handled as a first offender, which is not fair!

Dick VanSickle, Rolesville

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