Hobbies: Decorate your Mason jars

Scripps Howard News ServiceMarch 8, 2013 

While you may not be canning or pickling fresh veggies from your garden now, you can still use festive Mason jars to gift freshly baked cookies to friends and family.


It’s a little early to be canning or pickling fresh veggies from your garden, but you can still use Mason jar decorations to package freshly baked cookies for friends and family. This project is a simple way to add delightful detail to your jars. They would look great in a big bunch on a table, or as party or wedding favors.


• Mason jar

• Two cupcake liners, one larger than the other

• Scissors

• Coordinating tag with string

• An embellishment with foam dot

• Something delicious to put in your jar

Step by step

1 Layer the cupcake liners, putting the small one on top. Liners in different colors add a nice contrast.

2 Flatten the cupcake liners and lay them centered on top of the flat part of the jar lid, then screw on the cap.

3 Use scissors to fringe the outer edge of the larger cupcake liner.

4 Tie a tag around the neck of the jar to label what’s inside or write a special message. Add a layered paper embellishment to the tag with a foam sticker dot for a special look. I used a paper rosette.

5 If you want to go one step further, decoupage an image to a smooth area of the jar. Thin paper works best; use a foam brush and Mod Podge to glue down the custom design.

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