Anne Owen-Smith: License to vote

March 8, 2013 

License to vote

Regarding the GOP insistence on different and easily identifiable driver licenses for young “illegal” immigrants: Could this be related to their clamor for voter ID? If so, I have bad news for them.

There are thousands of legal, green-card-carrying people like myself in North Carolina and elsewhere who have regular driver’s licenses – and could conceivably use them for voter ID. purposes, should we wish to defraud the state by registering and voting illegally.

The current unseemly rush to tamper with legal citizens’ voting rights – and they are indeed rights, not privileges – makes all too obvious that these calls for “protecting the vote” are clumsy and desperate attempts to control election outcomes.

If the GOP members want more votes, they should do what we pay them to do – earn them.

Anne Owen-Smith


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