Our Lives: So many ‘months’ in March – it’s madness

March 9, 2013 


Christine Gilbert.

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As we all are now aware, Punxsutawney Phil might not have accurately predicted an early spring.

America has had three snow storms that created an East Coast shortage of bread, milk and toilet paper. Even North Carolina got some frigid winter weather, causing one to question the accuracy of a groundhog’s psychic abilities regarding weather.

But now it is March and we have numerous things to celebrate. March is Irish-American month. There’s the tradition of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, the only day the Irish discard their bangers and mash and head to Taco Bell to avoid inexperienced Guinness drinkers. It’s also the day everyone wears green to make up for the lack of color outside because of the inaccurate guessing of a groundhog.

March is also Women’s History Month, during which children are mandated to learn that females existed prior to the last few decades. I am happy to hear that children are learning about women and history, because just the other day, I was informed that Hillary Clinton was the first female Secretary of State. It made me feel old, because I remember Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice.

I also remember North Carolina senator Elizabeth Dole holding not just one but two cabinet posts during the Reagan administration, but now I am definitely showing my age.

This month is also National Peanut Month, which should carry the surname of George Washington Carver month. This man, born a slave, changed the agricultural system of the South by finding uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes, soybeans and pecans. Alas, he kept no lab book of his inventions and much of his fame has been maintained through oral history and the recordings of others.

It is National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness month, National Nutrition month, National Social Workers month, National Kidney month, National Foot Health Month, National Caffeine Awareness month (tip well at the coffee establishment of your choice), as well as National Craft Month, National Umbrella Month and National Spiritual Wellness month.

It is also National Frozen Food month, which I assume includes everything from ice cream and TV dinners to pizza. Since both nutrition and frozen foods are celebrated during March, I think I should mention that vegetables can be frozen and are healthy, and can be used on a pizza.

March is also National Red Cross month, reminding us that an hour donating a pint of blood saves another life. A friend of mine who works for the Red Cross in the Northeast pointed out (to those of us who were not snowed in) that 18 blood drives were canceled, with an estimated loss of more than 3,000 pints of blood – for just one day.

It is also National Music in Our Schools month. Funky Winkerbean band turkey jokes aside, I have considerable respect for music teachers of all grades. Experiencing introductory trumpet lessons first hand, and hearing 10-plus students repeat the same passages over and over would cause a temporal lobe explosion in me. I would be afraid to dream because I’m sure that one off-key note would linger while I slept.

It is National Middle Level Education Month and National Youth Art Month, so this is the month your refrigerator gets covered in the artwork of your offspring.

And this is National Cheerleading Safety Month, with March 1-7 as National Cheerleading week. I guess they need the rest of the month to recover from the injuries received during the celebration of their week.

So while we are all waiting for spring to arrive, this is only a snippet of what we can enjoy. And most importantly, it is March Madness as well as National Optimism month.

Need I say more?


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