Carole Ellis: Calculate costs

March 9, 2013 

Calculate costs

It is disturbing to read that some legislators are thinking about doing away with a 40-year ban on depositing toxins and brine waste deep underground just because it might be cheaper for natural gas companies than properly disposing of the waste they create when fracking.

On top of that, the thought seems to be to deposit this waste in areas that will not benefit economically from the fracking. I live in an area where a chemical company disposed of hazardous waste in this manner, and it ended up contaminating areas it was not supposed to contaminate.

The waste from fracking contains chemicals, and if this process is allowed the same thing could happen again.

I urge legislators to investigate these things before they act on behalf of the people of North Carolina. Water is an important resource, and if there is even a slight chance our water supply could be contaminated, this legislation must not happen! I know some are very excited about the possible economic benefits of fracking to some areas of the state, but are the possible costs worth it?

Carole Ellis


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