Cookie police for Wake County schools

March 10, 2013 

Look here, now. We like a carrot as well as the next person, and since the new year, we’ve tried to order the salad and not the loaded baked potato. But a cookie or a candy bar in moderation is no threat to the Republic.

And in the case of raising money for schools, through concessions, say, at football and basketball games, snack food can be downright healthy.

So let us hope the Wake County school board will not accept the gospel of a well-meaning advisory council on health to prohibit the selling of unhealthy snack food at fundraising events and in concessions at athletic contests. Steps taken previously to require some healthy items at events and to stop schools from using snack food as rewards for academic performance were just fine. It’s good as well that school menus are healthier.

But even advocates of changing the policy seem to recognize that maybe the board ought to think about this one a little more. Booster groups rightly wonder who’ll do business at their concession stands if they’re not offering the random candy bar or cookie. Sometimes, the best policies are the ones that aren’t changed.

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