Scattered storms on basketball courts

March 11, 2013 

The problem is, no one can forecast this kind of storm. This season, when there’s been a big victory in ACC basketball, generally an underdog beating an overdog, fans have been “storming” the court. That means, weather metaphor continuing, a flurry of students and then a flash flood on the hardwood.

Unfortunately, as recently noted by Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski, whose team got caught in a flood after a loss at Virginia, there are real and potential perils when fans rush the court, from what happened when a wheelchair-bound student was knocked over at an N.C. State game earlier this season to Krzyzewski’s team being sort of trapped on the court at Virginia. (The NCSU undergrad became a celebrity because basketball star C.J. Leslie came to his rescue.)

The Southeastern Conference set up rules to prevent these “storms.” If they continue, the ACC may have to do the same, even if it is a damper on victorious exuberance. Safety is far more important. Perhaps coaches can forestall problems if they warn fans to slow down their rush to the court.

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