Albert Kurz: Multi-party, please

March 11, 2013 

Multi-party, please

I am appalled by the current House and Senate’s inability to arrive at a budget that is suitable for both sides. I try and teach my children that they should work out their differences with their friends and siblings for the common good. Our Congress, the leadership of our country, has failed miserably. Instead, they went home for a vacation with no intentions of compromise.

To top things off, these do-nothings are getting paid their obscene salaries, perks and retirement packages that pay them full salary for life regardless of whether they do the job they were elected to do.

Our problems arise from overspending by both parties. Wars and bank bailouts caused this problem as much as entitlement and health insurance programs. The Simpson-Bowles report, drafted by a member from each party, offered workable suggestions that could have provided the basis for workable solutions, but we’re no further than we were years ago.

We no longer have a workable two-party system. Maybe three, four or five parties could get more done than these that are able to hold our country hostage for a few special interest groups. Were it up to me this Congress, in the words of Donald Trump, is fired!

Albert Kurz


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