Robert Miller: The real fear

March 13, 2013 

The real fear

Hats off to Jim Jenkins for his March 7 column “The ‘last bastion’ standing for us?” As an American who has enjoyed living in several of our states, I find it odd that our current state government feels a need to protect me from my country. I don’t see our national government, or “Washington,” as a threat or an enemy. If anything, the recent actions of my state government embarrass me to no end.

There’s the refusal to help insure the poorest among us because we don’t want to take Washington’s money. The shameful pink-striped ID cards for those children who grew up among us but will now be identified as “illegal aliens.” The “reform” of the unemployment system to speed up paying back the feds, who put no pressure on the state to pay early. The voter ID bill that will suppress votes to solve a non-existent voter fraud problem.

As an American, I don’t need a nanny of a state government acting as though I should fear a federal government I helped elect. I pledged allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, not to the state of North Carolina. And I fear my state government much more than Washington right now.

Robert Miller, Raleigh

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