Patricia Burke: Why not ID voters?

March 14, 2013 

Why not ID voters?

I am so tired of the listening to the debate about the requirement for voters to possess a voter ID card and the lame excuses why it is not a valid proposal.

I just don’t understand the reasons given by those opposed to voter ID cards. They say older folks cannot get such an ID card, because they cannot get out to the DMV or wherever they need to go to obtain one. However, these same folks don’t get out to shop or go to medical appointments? Every time I go to a medical appointment, I am asked for two items – my health insurance card and a photo ID. So, why is it OK to be required to show a photo ID at a physician’s office, yet one can vote and not be required to show any form of ID?

Why are young people disadvantaged? I am sure they have no problem getting to the DMV for a driver’s license. This issue borders on the ridiculous. Get an ID to prove your identity when voting. It’s an obligation every legitimate citizen should meet.

Patricia Burke


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