Peter Fyffe: Protect voters’ rights

March 14, 2013 

Protect voters’ rights

Becoming a U.S. citizen was one of the proudest days of my life. I greatly appreciate being able to participate in the electoral process by voting.

I found the March 10 editorial “Right to vote” attacking the N.C. state government’s proposals on voter ID disappointing and naive.

Disappointing because fraudulently voting dilutes the value of legitimate votes. Naive because you appear not to acknowledge how easy it is for someone to vote fraudulently and assume that everyone in the community has the same moral aversion to cheating and law breaking as yourselves. You must acknowledge the few cases of voter fraud highlighted represent only those people who got caught. Was there a mechanism built into the electoral system that flagged voting fraud or was it due to personal confessions or boasting?

I would like to see voter ID laws that protect the rights of people casting their own votes, while supporting a means of identification for legal voters who apparently do not drive automobiles, buy cigarettes or alcohol, cash checks, use credit cards or get medical attention anywhere in the state.

Peter Fyffe


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