Steve Trexler: IDs important

March 14, 2013 

IDs important

In order for me to purchase certain over the counter pharmaceuticals at my local pharmacy I must show a photo ID. They prefer a driver’s license. At my bank, my photo is on file so that I can cash a check or make a deposit.

I do believe that recipients of any type of government benefits or assistance (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) must likewise prove who they are with a photo ID. What is the big deal about proving who you are to vote?

I have heard how it would be a hardship on elderly voters. I do not know any of these elderly people. The elderly I do know have driver’s licenses or suitable photo IDs.

I believe voting is one of our most valuable civic duties and should be guarded with utmost care and respect. Chicago residents, where Dalys were mayors for decades, used to say “vote early and often.” Let us stop that from ever happening here.

Steve Trexler


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