Paul Watson: False praise

March 15, 2013 

False praise

The author of the March 9 letter “Learn from Chavez” said we should learn from his progressive government. During a visit there with Witness for Peace she visited “new heath clinics, beautiful schools and a cooperative all supported by the Venezuelan government.”

She sounds like one of those people who praise guys like Carlo Gambino despite the crimes he committed because, “Hey, he helped build a new church.” Maybe next trip she could get an opinion from a TV or print news source that may have an opposing view? Oh, that’s right, Chavez shut them down. Or perhaps she could talk to some of the people who disagree with Chavez’s policies. They’re easy to find, many are at the local prison.

Dictators on the left are no better than dictators on the right. Governments which support and protect individual freedom and personal responsibility should be the only ones we support.

But I guess we should start here at home first.

Paul Watson


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