Lane Schroeder: Vouchers aid competition

March 15, 2013 

Aiding competition

Your opposing articles on school vouchers on March 14 (“A threat to our very foundation” “Opportunity is the word”) certainly made a case for both sides of this important issue (opportunity).

All North Carolinians should desire the best opportunity for their children. Back when my great-great-grandfather wanted his children to have a sound foundation that would prepare them for entering college, his search resulted in his hiring a teacher from another state. He shared this teacher’s instruction with neighbors and probably let them share in the expense.

We still have a choice to pull our kids out of a school that is not doing a good job. Vouchers can enable all levels of our economy to have the option to move to a better situation when their children are getting shortchanged.

If public schools are doing well, as many are, the voucher won’t be necessary. Making the voucher available will probably result in better public schools. Competition is good!

Lane Schroeder, Chocowinity

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