Discounts on products and services abound in March

The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionMarch 16, 2013 

What comes to mind when you think of March? Is it March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the first day of spring? It is a month full of big events, but when you think about deals – it pays to think broader.

“March may seem lackluster on the consumer front, but there is good reason to buy certain items this time of year beyond green beer and Peeps,” says Brent Shelton, online shopping expert and spokesman for, a consumer website for deals and discounts.

Early March is mostly about clearing out the old, says Shelton, while late March is the time to capitalize on the coming season. Here are some of the best deals you can expect to find this month.

Winter clothing and equipment clearance: Find outerwear including thermals, pullovers, coats, boots and more at 50 percent to 80 percent off, as well as the annual ski/snowboard equipment and accessories clearance sales, says Shelton.

Also watch for early-spring fashion sales, particularly in warmer climates. Spring apparel will drop even more at the end of May.

Small electronics/digital cameras: This inventory has likely been picked through, but retailers are still clearing out old models. As new product announcements are made, the price of older models will drop even more.

Spring break travel: Look for travel packages, hotel deals and car rental discounts. “You should be looking now for the best deals, if you haven’t already planned (your trip),” Shelton says, adding that it is cheaper to travel during spring break season than Easter weekend.

Tax software: The discounts don’t stop until April 15, says Shelton.

HDTVs: Models that didn’t sell during the Super Bowl have another chance with March Madness. “It points to all the new technology coming out and the economy loosening up a bit,” he says.

Running shoes: With warmer weather come more joggers looking to invest in a new pair of shoes, but only buy a pair if you’re starting a new running routine, Shelton says.

Spring sports equipment: Last year’s gear for baseball, softball and golf is heavily discounted to make room for newer items such as the newer, better, longer golf clubs advertised during the Masters, Shelton says.

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