Wake County PTA names Reflections contest winners

March 17, 2013 

The Wake County PTA recently announced the winners of its Reflections contest.

Reflections is a national competition aimed at encouraging students to explore expression through the arts. This year’s theme was “The Magic of a Moment.” Winners at the county level next were judged at the district level (see next week’s Thumbs Up page for those results). The state contest results are expected to be announced in April.

Here are the winners of the Judges Merit Award winners for each age category:

Primary: Carina Focke from Lord of Life for visual arts

Intermediate: Breanna O’Neill from Lead Mine Elementary for literature; Gustav Cedergrund for dance and Bridget Mackie for visual arts, both from Carpenter Elementary

Middle: Gemarah Richards-Smith from Zebulon Middle for visual arts

Senior: Alexis Moon of Holly Springs High for photography

Here are the county’s top winners by art form:

Visual Arts

Primary: 1st place Addison Bridger, Lacy Elementary; 2nd place Easton Long, Holly Springs Elementary; 3rd place Bailey Sigmon, Salem Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Avanti Panajkar, Farmington Woods Elementary; 2nd place Ashton Jones, Joyner Elementary; 3rd place (tie) Christine Chan, Holly Springs Elementary, and Preeti Chandra, Fuller Elementary

Middle: 1st place Menaka Kumar, Davis Drive Middle; 2nd place Bevin Meill, Reedy Creek Middle; 3rd place Neerja Shah, Davis Drive Middle

Senior: 1st place India Crews, Panther Creek High; 2nd place Sophie Terry, Fuquay-Varina High; 3rd place Aubrie Taylor, Fuquay-Varina High


Primary: 1st place Gracie Griffin, Dillard Drive Elementary; 2nd place Camdyn Carr, Middle Creek Elementary; 3rd place Alexander Chapman, Lead Mine Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Brooke Sigmon, Salem Elementary; 2nd place Christine Chan, Holly Springs Elementary; 3rd place Eleanor Drebitko, Highcroft Elementary

Middle: 1st place Leni Schenkel, Davis Drive Middle; 2nd place Kyle Amyot, Mills Park Middle; 3rd place Ashlynn Cook, Apex Middle

Senior: 1st place Selena Jallad, Middle Creek High; 2nd place Anges Knutsson, Holly Springs High; 3rd place Siddharth Vasisht, Holly Springs High

Film Production

Primary: 1st place Gavin Ng, Alston Ridge Elementary; 2nd place Miles Clinton, Willow Springs Elementary; 3rd place Caidan Orders, West Lake Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Christopher Wollum, Dillard Drive Elementary; 2nd place Jackson Robins, Middle Creek Elementary; 3rd place Cameron Wofford, Millbrook Elementary

Middle: 1st place Emily Wollum, Dillard Drive Middle; 2nd place Rusheel Gupta, Martin Middle; 3rd place (tie) Adam Screws and Will Smith, both of Daniels Middle

Senior: 1st place Brienna Kane, Broughton High; 2nd place Canyon Dell’Omo, Panther Creek High; 3rd place Mariam Morand, Panther Creek High

Dance Choreography

Primary: 1st place Elizabeth Harris, Lead Mine Elementary; 2nd place Ella Jae Partel, Swift Creek Elementary; 3rd place Molly Koonce, Swift Creek Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Tillie Spoor, Underwood Elementary; 2nd place Tiffany Kwong, Conn Elementary; 3rd place Ella Wishart, Adams Elementary

Middle: 1st place Athena Kuang, Martin Middle; 2nd place Ethan Sichel, Ligon Middle; 3rd place Morgan Arcoraci, Holly Ridge Middle

Senior: 1st place Katie Pitt, Green Hope High; 2nd place Kathryn Mangum, Enloe High

Music Composition

Primary: 1st place Eric Chen, Fuller Elementary; 2nd place Alexis Chan, Holly Springs Elementary; 3rd place Josephine Cherian, Middle Creek Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Lindsay-Anne McCall, Root Elementary; 2nd place Stephanie Wang, Mills Park Elementary; 3rd place Ashleigh Nicoll, Holly Ridge Elementary

Middle: 1st place Brennan Stride, Mills Park Middle; 2nd place Victoria Chan, West Lake Middle; 3rd place (tie) Rusheel Gupta and Destinie Cleveland, both of Martin Middle

Senior: 1st place Chris Sefton, Panther Creek High; 2nd place (tie) David Chappele and Daniel Irving, both of Middle Creek High; 3rd place Prashanth Iyer, Green Hope High


Primary: 1st place Vishal Ramasubramanian, Millbrook Elementary; 2nd place Abigail Barlett, Salem Elementary; 3rd place Sayanth Shajith, Baucom Elementary

Intermediate: 1st place Patrick Hannon, Highcroft Elementary; 2nd place Gracie Hansen, Baucom Elementary; 3rd place Kaia Patel, Green Hope Elementary

Middle: 1st place Sara Darwin, Holly Ridge Middle; 2nd place Joshua Coady, Apex Middle; 3rd place Camilla Crane, Carnage Middle

Senior: 1st place Vanessa Wu, 2nd place Spencer Bloom, 3rd place Emily Keough, all of Enloe High

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