Thumbs up in Garner

March 17, 2013 

In what is a good example for all communities in the Triangle, the residents of Garner went to the polls Tuesday and gave their approval to $35.7 million in bond issues for civic improvements.

This was about more than money. In voting overwhelmingly in support of the bonds, Garner residents signaled that even in times when some politicians – some for their own political benefit – are talking about cutting everything and what dire shape cities and states and the country are in, the people of this great Raleigh neighbor chose to say: We believe in our town and its future.

Good for them. Here is what the bonds will do: There will be a new town hall and police facilities reflecting the growth of the community and the growth to come. Streets and sidewalks will be considerably improved.

The town will invest more in parks and recreational facilities.

And there will be about $2 million for redevelopment partnerships to help downtown.

Garner is growing, and people are excited about it.

They want that growth to be orderly, and graceful. Good for you, Garner.

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