Patricia Pilarinos: A local choice

March 18, 2013 

A local choice

Regarding the March 16 article “Wake school board election plan raises ire”: We do not need the legislators on Jones Street messing with local school board or city and town elections. They should have their noses to the grindstone on statewide issues.

At the local level, residents should be able to elect folks they believe in to serve on local boards. Local school boards and city councils have always set their own voting district lines. If residents in the community disagree with how they do their jobs, then every two to four years, they change local leaders.

We do not need folks elected on the other side of the state voting on how Wake County elects its local leadership.

State Sen. Neal Hunt claims he sponsored this bill out of concern for families currently residing in one school district but assigned to schools in another. Hunt, my representative, needs to look at his own maps because that is exactly what he did to his own constituents.

Hunt’s gerrymandering is a thinly disguised effort to stack the political deck and has nothing to do with improving choice of representation

Patricia Pilarinos


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