H.L. Harbett: Plenty of ‘Pauls’

March 19, 2013 

Plenty of ‘Pauls’

Rick Martinez expressed in his March 13 column “A need to nail down drone details” a hope that the “N.C. General Assembly has a Rand Paul in its ranks.”

I would like to point out to Martinez that the N.C. General Assembly indeed has several “Rand Paul” members in its ranks. How else can the decline of Medicaid funds under the Affordable Care Act be explained? How else can our mad dash to begin hydraulic fracking in our drought-prone state be explained? How else can the nonexistent problem of voter fraud be “corrected” by requiring photo IDs?

And, of course, the de-emphasis on education and teacher pay (46th out of the 50 states!).

Please, no more “Rand Paul” type legislators. We are full up.

H.L. Harbett


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