Chad Richards: Good drivers should benefit

March 19, 2013 

Good drivers should benefit

I read with great interest your March 9 editorial “Well-insured” on the recent N.C. House bill that was introduced to modernize auto rates and bring choices, discounts and better rates to our state’s many good drivers.

I was disappointed that the real dirty little secret with N.C.’s antiquated auto insurance rate system was never brought up: If you’re a good driver in N.C., you are paying more than you need to for your auto insurance just so bad drivers can pay less.

As an insurance agent in our state, I see daily the frustration of countless clients when they find out they not only can’t take advantage of programs designed to lower their rates, but they also are paying surcharges and inflated rates simply so bad drivers can pay less. They drove responsibly yet have to pay for others because of our outdated system.

Thank goodness current leaders, like N.C. Rep. Tom Murry, have the courage to bring this bill and stand up for our state’s countless excellent drivers, giving them the opportunity to have their rates be as excellent as their driving habits.

Chad Richards


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