Susan Whitledge: Business stability matters

March 19, 2013 

Stability matters

The way to make North Carolina more “business friendly,” to lower our unemployment rate and encourage employers to hire more workers and even to improve our public education system is for elected officials in Raleigh to stop the drama and get serious.

Real business leaders are looking for states with stability. I think we all understand the Republicans are thrilled to be in charge, and certainly they are entitled to lead their way, but this might be a good time for them to remember the recent Wake County school board debacle.

Why would a business want to locate in North Carolina when there is no certainty that rules will remain the same beyond the next election cycle? The inability of our state leadership to come up with sensible policy and work together to solve problems makes our state government a joke.

Punishing the jobless and the poor by slashing benefits isn’t likely to make us stronger. Just because some say the Republicans are in danger of becoming “the stupid party” does not mean they have to keep proving it in North Carolina.

Susan Whitledge


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