Clarice M. Moran: Give bill an ‘F’

March 20, 2013 

Give bill an ‘F’

Sen. Phil Berger’s Senate Bill 361 (March 20 news story) is a misguided and inept attempt to overhaul what he calls “a broken education system.”

As a former teacher, a former resident of Florida and a current doctoral student in education, I am well-qualified to comment on Berger’s baffling legislation.

Grading schools and teachers has shown to be a dismal failure in Florida, where those in impoverished areas are given “F’s,” while those lucky enough to live and teach in wealthy neighborhoods are given “A’s.” Florida’s plan has been under a firestorm of criticism since its inception, and as recently as October was amended yet again to address its shortcomings. Do we want the same for our state?

This legislation will serve only to further divide the “haves” from the “have-nots,” as well as lasso student/school achievement to test scores (although fewer days are allowed to be spent teaching the test!). I visit several public schools in Wake County every week, and at each one I see teachers working tirelessly to help their students succeed. Their dedication and commitment are awe-inspiring. These teachers, as well as our schools and our students, deserve better than Bill 361.

Clarice M. Moran, Raleigh

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