William Clifford: Chaos continues

March 21, 2013 

Chaos continues

Just one year ago, hundreds of families were shocked when the “choice plan” process left their children unassigned to any school; real estate agents were unable to tell prospective buyers where their children would go to school; major employers were faced with the impossible task of trying to recruit professionals when they were unable to tell them what schools their children would attend and families were assigned to schools five and ten miles away because the school directly across the street from their recently purchased home was full.

Just one year ago, a newly elected majority on the Board of Education took the hand of instability they were dealt and instituted a stay-where-you-start assignment policy and provided Wake County the least number of reassignments in many years.

Apparently the Republican members of the Wake County Board of Commissioners and North Carolina legislature are not interested in stable policies and practices that are good for education or business. Their effort to undermine and unseat our duly elected school board continues to bring controversy and chaos to our school system and has created an environment that is not good for business or school bonds.

William Clifford, Raleigh

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