Terry Duff: Disappointing Ellmers

March 21, 2013 

Disappointing Ellmers

Writer Myron B. Pitts (“Drawing our way to a draw,” March 13 Other Opinion) just doesn’t understand. I am not a Republican, Independent or Democrat, but I voted for U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers (just two years after Democrats had locked up 40 years of elections, remember that) for her promise that she understood those political parties got us into our current situation by “compromise,” “tough votes” and “break numerous logjams” strategies. She got into the D.C. party scene and became friendly with leadership and forgot her promise to me.

I am no longer in her district but have told Rep. Renee Etheridge (oops, Ellmers) my money will be sent to her primary opponent, who will make hard-working people the winner. We are tired of Republicans or Democrats winning and getting rich and wasting our hard-earned money. I understand she could not fix it immediately, but she didn’t work hard enough.

Terry Duff, Garner

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