Hobbies: From handkerchief to scarf

Scripps Howard News ServiceMarch 22, 2013 

Embroidered and printed vintage handkerchiefs are easy to find and easier to make.


Lovely embroidered and printed vintage handkerchiefs are easy to find at the flea market. I pick them up whenever I find ones that I love, because I can use them for all kinds of craft projects, including these colorful scarves.

You can easily customize them and make yours longer or shorter. You could also add some small white pompom trim at the ends for extra flair.

What you need

• Five coordinating handkerchiefs.

• Sewing machine, or needle for hand-sewing.

• Coordinating sewing thread.

What to do

•  Lay out your handkerchiefs end to end to find your ideal layout. For example, you can have the handkerchiefs fade from lightest to darkest, or use all mix-and-match colors together.

•  Sew the handkerchiefs’ right sides together, so that all the seams are on the same side. Or if you want visible seams for visual interest, lay your handkerchiefs flat, one on top of the next one, so that the right side on the left faces the back side of the fabric to the right.

Fishbein: denadesigns.com

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