Luke Steele: The delay way

March 22, 2013 

The delay way

Nothing to see here?

Since the academic issues at UNC have been thoroughly covered and we now know that a lone rogue professor was responsible for the altered grades and non-existent classes, I’m curious: If this is the case, why isn’t that lone rogue professor being prosecuted?

Better yet, why is he receiving a lifetime pension from the system that he allegedly defrauded and shamed?

Maybe some people are apprehensive that he actually might have a lot to say if he were to be prosecuted and stripped of his money.

We have a new UNC Board of Governors. It is my sincere hope that members will show some semblance of spine that was conspicuously absent in the previous board and push for prosecution of this professor.

If he is found guilty, then he should be stripped of any retirement that he didn’t personally contribute.

It’s that, or “The Carolina Way” now means delay, obfuscate and lie. That’s not the image I want for my daughter’s school.

Luke Steele


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