Jenny Christoffersen: Yankees can hate

March 22, 2013 

Yankees can hate

In response to the March 16 “Southern inhospitality” letter that criticized Southerners’ derogatory use of the word “Yankee” and lauding New Yorkers for not “ever saying a bad word about Southerners,” maybe she isn’t listening.

I moved here from California and attempted to meet new people using the website. In one such meetup group, almost all were “Yankees” from the Northeast. I can’t tell you how many derogatory remarks I heard about Southerners, using words like ignorant, redneck, backwater, uneducated and hicks. Many of the same derogatory speech was frequently used to describe Republicans. I was frankly appalled at how self-righteous, intolerant and arrogant these people were regarding anyone who was different from themselves. Not to mention how rude it is to move here and then put down the people who live here.

Unlike the letter-writer, I didn’t see any connection to the Civil War. I just saw hypocrisy from a region of the country overrun with white liberal Democrats who think they are so superior to others, when in reality the only things they are superior in are rudeness, intolerance and bigotry.

Jenny Christoffersen

Willow Spring

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