Leonard Wilson: Northern hospitality

March 22, 2013 

Northern hospitality

Enough downgrading of Northerners who have moved “down South” as mentioned in recent letters to The N&O. Being of Southern origin, I can attest that some of the most hateful people I have ever experienced are Southern born and bred.

And this bit about Southern hospitality, what a myth. Irritate a Southerner in any way, regardless of innocent intent – on the road, in a mall or maneuvering for a parking spot – and measure their “politeness.”

On frequent trips “up North,” I can’t remember a single incident in which I was treated rudely. Sure, Yankee responses to inquiries and general conversation may be more to the point than our Southern drawl, but that doesn’t make them the enemy anymore.

A couple of writers did close their letters by reminding “us” that they won the war. They shouldn’t have done that. If “our boys” had just had 25 more men, 10 more cannons and a little more hardtack, the South would have won the epic conflict 150 years ago. But that’s history.

Leonard Wilson


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