Nancy Milio: A destructive path

March 22, 2013 

A destructive path

Do Gov. Pat McCrory and his colleagues see how uninviting they are making North Carolina? The state has made national news lately, but no longer as a progressive leader in the South, aspiring to diversity, universal access to education, welcoming visitors to its beauty. National news reports now point to the extreme choices of Republican lawmakers, like the anti-gay marriage amendment, the defunding of Planned Parenthood and the intrusion of big money in the election that was rewarded with political appointments.

These were followed by the rapid decision to allow fracking despite growing evidence from other states of groundwater and other environmental damage; denial of 500,000 North Carolinians of Medicaid health insurance, harming especially children and elders; cuts to struggling unemployed families; and now discriminating against immigrant youth with a pink label on their driver’s licenses, Now they plan to join the states making voting more difficult for citizens.

The governor can, if he will, shift the direction the state is taking and instead lead us to become a place of opportunity and diversity, a caring community with a sustainable environment.

Nancy Milio

Chapel Hill

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