Charlie Boone: Headgear choice

March 23, 2013 

Headgear choice

As your March 18 editorial “Helmets here” said, “Here we go again!” People who do not ride motorcycles think they should make decisions for those who do. Well, let’s get into their business then and see whether they mind.

There are approximately 20 more pedestrians killed in N.C. each year than motorcyclists. Then shouldn’t all pedestrians be required to wear helmets? There are over 7 times as many people killed in enclosed vehicles each year than motorcyclists. Many of these people die from head trauma. Let’s put helmets on all vehicle occupants.

Oh, yeah, the CDC numbers show that 35 percent of traumatic brain injuries occur from falls, only 17 percent occur from vehicle accidents. So everyone should wear a helmet all the time in case they fall down.

Ridiculous? Want to save lives? Make it apply to everything that causes death. Life has risks every day. Let me make my own choices on how to live my life.

Charlie Boone

State vice president, Concerned Bikers Association of N.C.


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