Amy Lee: Nullifying election

March 23, 2013 

Nullifying election

Sen. Neal Hunt thinks that N.C. taxpayers should pay for Wake County Board of Education districts to be redrawn, something Wake County taxpayers just paid Kieran Shanahan to do less than two years ago.

The newly proposed districts would translate into lengthening John Tedesco’s and Deborah Prickett’s tenure on the BOE while shortening the tenures of the five BOE members just elected in 2011. In essence, Hunt is trying to nullify a valid election.

Our state constitution under Article II, Section 3(4) protects Hunt’s seat from redistricting until a new census is released. Also, N.C. G.S. 115C-37(i) gives authority to redraw BOE district boundaries to the local Boards of Education. It also states that after General Assembly approval, those district boundaries cannot be redrawn without a new census or to account for territory annexed or excluded. General Assembly approval of current districts was given prior to the 2011 election.

So is Senate Bill 325 “Wake County School Board Districts” even legal? N.C. citizens need to watch out. Not only are they being asked to pay for an unnecessary redrawing of Wake County school board districts, but they will also be asked to pay legal expenses for the litigation that will likely follow.

Amy Lee


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