Molly McKinley: Don’t waste agriculture

March 23, 2013 

Don’t waste agriculture

The suggestion that fracking waste should be disposed of by irrigating fields is more than just another reason to wash off your vegetables.

Nothing about crops sprayed with a chemical concoction is appealing, unless you are the oil and gas industry looking for an easy way to dispose of waste from the dirty drilling process.

It is unethical to suggest poisoning the land, water, livestock and crops that are invaluable to so many.

This is a careless practice that makes the farmers and consumers of this state bear the consequences of cleaning up after the industry.

The few temporary jobs that fracking would supposedly bring to the state do not even begin to stack up to the amount of agriculture-related jobs we have. Our state’s economy is largely driven by agriculture, so we cannot afford to jeopardize that for the oil and gas industry.

This dangerous drilling is more than a political issue, it’s a people issue.

As residents of North Carolina, we need to take a stand and urge our lawmakers to put the people of the state, including our farmers, before the greedy hands of the oil and gas industry.

Molly McKinley


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