Linda C. Ward: Improve teachers’ lives

March 23, 2013 

Improve teachers’ lives

Shame on Sen. Phil Berger for his antiquated ideas on education reform! It’s obvious he has never spent an entire day in the footsteps of a public school teacher. As a retired teacher who taught tirelessly for over 25 years, I challenge him to go to the classroom of any elementary school teacher and try to keep up with all of the subjects and objectives they must teach each and every day.

Putting a grade on every school? Great idea, because no one will want to teach in an inner city school like I did for 15 years. Some of the best teachers work at those schools.

Why don’t we work on improving the pay of beginning teachers, class size and more remediation specialists to work with each teacher? As I look back on my career, I could easily say that tenure was my only “perk.” However, I choose to remember my main “perk” as what I did for all those students who became productive members of this society.

I challenge Berger to go spend a day teaching and observing in one Wake County elementary school classroom - not poking his head in and smiling at the class. This would be a life-changing experience for him.

Linda C. Ward


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