Heralds of spring

March 23, 2013 

Another miracle has unfolded before our eyes; it came with the waning of winter and the air filling with joyful songs of inspiration and life.

The first quarter of another year has already irretrievably moved on. By the end of this month, an additional total of four and a half hours of earth warming sunlight will be available since the winter’s solstice.

The signals came bright and clear in the form of winged heralds of spring arriving daily. Bluebirds come wearing bright orange vests, reflecting the golden sunrise of spring, their busy wings flashing a blue as vivid as pure sky.

If spiritual growth is our goal, we can find fulfillment while wandering the less crowded shores, unencumbered from exhibitionists, fashion and fads. We look for space where there’s room to think, offering a sense of aliveness that stretches unbroken and uncluttered from horizon to horizon.

The seasons move on. The life form that surrounds us is now entering the family stage, when leaf and root, flower and bird take the spotlight.

Perhaps it’s time to offer a revised version of doggerel and an updating of the old world’s song of spring: As four and twenty score of bluebirds had hurried south for the winter, when the winter ice was broken and the sunlight of spring returned, the birds all came home to sing. Now isn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king?

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