PTA districts recognize top artists

March 24, 2013 

District winners of the PTA’s Reflections contest were announced this month.

The artwork from these students will next compete at the state level of competition, with results expected to be announced next month.

Here are the winners by category for North Carolina’s District 3, which covers much of the Triangle.

Dance: Rachel Delauder and Delecia Utley, Hillside High, Durham; Katie Plitt, Green Hope High, Cary; Athena Kuang, Martin Middle, Raleigh.

Film: Brienna Kane, Broughton High, Raleigh; Christopher Wollum, Dillard Drive Elementary, Raleigh; Emily Wollum, Dillard Drive Middle, Raleigh; Gavin Ng, Alston Ridge Elementary, Cary.

Literature: Patrick Hannon, Highcroft Drive Elementary, Cary; Sara Darwin, Holly Ridge Middle, Holly Springs; Isabella Dorfman, Brogden Middle, Durham; Vishal Ramasubramanian, Millbrook Elementary, Raleigh.

Music: Chris Sefton, Panther Creek High, Cary; Lindsay-Anne McCall, Root Elementary, Raleigh; Brennan Stride, Mills Park Middle, Cary.

Photography: Olivia Althisar and Emma Bogerd, Riverside High, Durham; Selena Jallad, Middle Creek High, Apex; Brooke Sigmon, Salem Elementary, Apex.

Visual Arts: India Crews, Panther Creek High, Cary; Avanti Panajkar, Farmington Woods Elementary, Cary; Menaka Kumar, Davis Drive Middle, Cary; Addison Bridger, Lacy Elementary, Raleigh.

Additionally, Connie Zhang from Ephesus Road Elementary School in Chapel Hill, was honored for photography. Her school is in the state PTA’s District 5.

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