Ken Berger: That’s drivin’

March 24, 2013 

That’s drivin’

On a recent trip to Florida I was again appalled at the dangerous behavior of so many on the highways. Perhaps the perfect analogy for this situation is NASCAR.

Look at all reckless amateurs have in common with professionals:

• Both race as fast as they can, tailgating much of the time.

• Both are unhindered by police (you can drive for hours without seeing a cop).

• Both have drivers representing diverse races, genders, ages and politics (although there are far fewer women and, I suspect, many more conservatives competing in NASCAR).

• Both make frequent unsignaled lane changes.

• Both represent “survival of the fittest” mentalities.

There are a few differences:

• There are tens of thousands fewer deaths on racetracks.

• NASCAR drivers complain less about fuel costs as they fly along at high, inefficient speeds (well, they are inefficient on the highways).

• NASCAR drivers focus on driving, not cell phones.

• NASCAR drivers aren’t sharing the road with those who simply want to get to their destinations safely.

So here is another plea: That highway drivers show consideration for others on the road. If they don’t, let’s enforce traffic laws meant to protect us all.

Ken Berger


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