Kerri Habben: Gadgets use up our time

March 24, 2013 

Gadgets use up our time

I wish to thank you for including Nick Bilton’s March 18 article “Digital era is redefining etiquette” in the “Connect” section.

It is such an inspiration to me that the few seconds it takes to be courteous is indeed a waste of time. In fact, I was triply entertained as I read and reread Bilton’s words to seek out any sarcasm or satire. I myself am never sarcastic.

I am grateful to be reminded that no matter what technology brings, we humans can continue to evolve into ever more self-absorbed creatures who care only about ourselves. This article further reinforced that there is a difference between those of us who truly value time and those who merely use it up.

On another note, Bilton, if you happen to read this, please be antiquated and pick up the telephone to call your dad. I wish that I could call mine.

Kerri Habben


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