Belly laugh about compactors

March 24, 2013 

The new trash compactors on Fayetteville Street and Glenwood South in Raleigh are paying for themselves, and fairly quickly.

The “Big Belly” compactors were bought and installed using a federal grant, and the city is going to use more of them. The case is clear.

Because the trash is compacted, pickups are less frequent. Raleigh used to spend $53,000 a year to keep the downtown streets clean. Now the cost is $1,700. And the compactors email sanitation crews when they fill up.

That’s one reason they cost $6,000 apiece, although they’re estimated to pay for themselves in four years. The units also have attacked recycling containers, which boosts that effort.

Not all conservation movements are “big-picture.”

Helping the neighborhoods, the cities and the planet for that matter, is about a lot of individual efforts and small-scale projects such as this one adding up. It really does make a difference when we all take an extra few seconds to recycle or do a little sidewalk cleanup. A Big Belly email would agree.

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