Tom Hauck: Berger’s help

March 25, 2013 

Berger’s help

Your March 21 editorial “Teachers paddled” chastised state Sen. Phil Berger for supposedly wanting to punish school teachers by giving schools a letter grade.

You say that “a low grade would be a scarlet letter, stamp of inferiority upon the school and the teachers and administrators in it.” It continues, “That’s not just unfair, it’s bad policy. Just how would the Eden senator recruit teachers to go to low-performing schools in poor sections of North Carolina and there are plenty.” The editorial ignores the thousands of children locked in those “low-performing schools.”

The children are the ones currently receiving the scarlet letter, the stamp of inferiority, not those being paid to teach them. The only way out of poverty is a good education provided by good teachers. Berger is trying to protect the children, and the editorial is trying to protect the teachers and administrators. We will never improve schools until we label them honestly.

Tom Hauck, Pittsboro

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