Allisen Fischer: Teachers’ reality

March 26, 2013 

Teachers’ reality

Why does our government hate us? I am a teacher. I am tired of being told this is what I signed up for so I need to quit complaining.

What I signed up for, at age 17, was to guide students through the math curriculum. It was the student’s responsibility to attend class, pay attention and do the work. I would be paid according to the published pay scale with a small increase every year and an occasional cost-of-living adjustment.

Reality: Students are responsible for nothing. If they sleep, skip class and don’t turn work in, I am harassed to find a way to pass them so retention rates don’t look bad. The curriculum I must teach, Common Core, doesn’t match the test, which is based on the 2003 curriculum. These tests are going to count for 20 percent of my students’ grades, but they are hidden from us. And now my pay might be based on how they do on this mystery test that gets a ridiculous curve because they do so poorly?

I am 15 years into my career. I can’t just leave if I don’t like it. I don’t want to leave. I want people to wake up.

Allisen Fischer, Raleigh

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