Beverley S. Clark: Continuing chaos

March 26, 2013 

Continuing chaos

I was at the legislative building March 25 to “speak my mind,” but unfortunately Sen. Neal Hunt, the sponsor of the two bills I was speaking about, was not there to hear me or the 90-plus other residents who had signed up to speak. He strolled in after the 25th speaker and left before the two-hour session ended.

Time permitted only 59 speakers, but not a single one was in favor of his bills! He didn’t hear me say that he has gerrymandered the school board districts, that Lacy Elementary School and Martin Middle School are in different districts and that Lacy is in a district with the Heritage schools in Wake Forest. Daniels Middle and Broughton High are also in different school board districts – go figure.

Hunt is perpetuating the chaos brought to Wake County by Debra Goldman, John Tedesco and Deborah Prickett. Is it surprising that neither Goldman nor Tedesco carried Wake County in recent failed statewide bids?

Enough of the chaos. These bills are so bad that the Raleigh Chamber has come out against both of them. Take partisanship out of our schools!

Beverley S. Clark

Board of Education, 1999-2009


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