Rich McLaughlin: Calling all ‘average’

March 26, 2013 

Calling all ‘average’

I usually read Rick Martinez just to see how high my blood pressure can rise. What a refreshing shock when even he is outraged at the state legislators trying to take away local control of all kinds of issues, not to mention other meddling (March 20 column).

The next day, Gene Nichol summarized in a Point of View piece how these “brigands” are continuing their slash and burn policies to the detriment of most people in North Carolina. I hope that his pessimism about our future is unfounded and that the people of our state will come to their senses.

Unfortunately, a recent study of local elections suggests we seem to be favoring more of the same, and these local politicians may be moving up the food chain to continue this insane rush backward. The only hope is that “average” citizens will start to realize that they are the losers in this game and that voting in people with their interests in mind is worth the time at the polling booth. That is, if they are allowed to vote at all.

Rich McLaughlin

Chapel Hill

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