Karen Cason: Order of success

March 26, 2013 

Order of success

After reading your March 23 article “An assist for mom, baby,” I found it glaringly obvious that when one makes choices to have a baby before other circumstances are in place, it puts everyone at a tremendous disadvantage.

I’m very happy that the single mother and baby in the story are receiving much-needed help. They are receiving housing, food stamps, free medical services, help buying a car, monthly home-nurse visits for two years and free counseling. My husband, two grown children and I can feel better after our respective 50-hour work weeks that we were a part of that.

How much better for everyone, though, if we would all buy into the formula for independence that would make all of the above unnecessary. We don’t live in an ideal world, but our young people need to know that the order for personal success involves doing things in a certain order: graduation, work, marriage, children.

Things happen, but I long for the day when personal responsibility is a priority. Too many know that the government is more than ready to step in and do it all. Self-respect is a heady proposition.

Karen Cason


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