Paul Y. Coble: Best Dix deal is via bond issue

March 27, 2013 

Best Dix deal is via bonds

Regarding your March 27 editorial “Not a done deal”: So now we know the truth. Despite all the admonitions of caring for the poor and disadvantaged, calls for transparency and open debates by public officials, when circumstances favor your opinion, you are willing to overlook the needs of the mentally ill or the backroom deals of your favored politicians. Your hypocrisy and partisanship know no bounds.

Instead of calling for a solution that not only provides a wonderful new park facility in Raleigh but also supports mental health needs in our state, you opt for name-calling and criticism to cover your political motives.

The real solution is for Raleigh to seek an accommodation with state leaders to purchase the park at fair market value and then ask the voters to support a bond issue to pay for it. Given the history of success for park bonds in Raleigh and Wake County, there seems to be no doubt that this effort would win with overwhelming support.

The first result would be a deal created in the light of day with the support of the residents of both Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina. Is it so hard for you to grasp the concept of paying for what you want as opposed to taking it in a sweetheart deal struck without the support of many who should have been involved? Had a Republican administration pulled the same maneuver, you would have castigated them without mercy.

The other positive result would be that the bond proceeds would be available immediately for mental health needs not only in Raleigh and Wake County but the entire state. Waiting 75 years to collect the total value of the land lease from Raleigh would do very little to aid those in need.

Criticize me as you wish – nothing new there – but at least be honest about your motives. You cannot let an opportunity to attack the legislature pass by even if it means ignoring the needs of those individuals you have purported to champion over the years. Have you simply decided to ignore the statement printed at the bottom of your own editorial page that espouses Josephus Daniels’ opinion that the paper should “devote itself to the policies of equality and justice to the underprivileged”?

Paul Y. Coble

Wake County commissioner, Raleigh

The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the editorial.

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