Fred Fulcher: Cuts for the future

March 28, 2013 

Looking to future

Your March 27 editorial “Not a done deal” chided Republicans for not agreeing to lease the Dix property for a Raleigh park.

Your reasons are that the Republicans: first, tried to ram through the voter ID bill; second, want to repeal the $52 million estate tax ; third, have let a temporary sales tax increase expire; fourth, declined the federal loan offer for Medicaid health care for 500,000 more citizens; and last, reduced unemployment benefits.

Start adding the cost of these little payments, taxes, leases, estate taxes and Medicaid debt and it’s pushing toward the high side of another $1 billion-plus, which future tax-paying citizens will have pay to when the banker holds out his hand.

These “cuts” release the tax yoke off necks of North Carolina citizens. I see a pattern why you do not like a Republican legislature. Simply, they’re not tax and spend.

Hooray for a legislature and governor who finally have the fortitude for once to “cut” the budget instead of “gut” any semblance of fiscal responsibility.

Fred Fulcher

Pine Knoll Shores

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