Will Watkins: An ‘F’ for Berger

March 29, 2013 

An ‘F’ for Republicans

It seems that North Carolina Republicans are going to war with education. Your March 20 article, “Berger rolls out education initiative,” outlines a Republican-backed proposal to end teacher tenure and implement a grading system where each school would receive a letter grade based on its aggregate standardized test scores.

For a state that ranks 46th in teacher pay, our representatives should be more focused on making N.C. an attractive destination for quality teachers. Ending teacher tenure would have dire consequences for that goal. Teachers don’t need a kick in the rear end. They don’t compete for grades and test scores; rather, they are educators and motivators, whose job it is to prepare children for life outside the walls of public school.

If teachers are going to be subjected to such a grading system, then our legislators should be subjected to such a grading system too. Unemployment rate over eight percent? “D.” 46th in teacher pay? “F.” Gas prices go up? You guessed it, Sen. Berger, your grade goes down.

Will Watkins


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