Amy Womble: Insidious ALEC

March 29, 2013 

Insidious ALEC

I hope that North Carolinians are paying attention to our current legislature’s attack on public education. Many Republican talking points come directly from the American Legislative Exchange Council, better known as ALEC.

ALEC quietly writes potential legislative bills behind the scenes, and these bills are being implemented in all 50 state houses, including ours. It is interesting to note that House Speaker Thom Tillis won ALEC’s “Legislator of the Year” award last year and has been chosen to sit on ALEC’s board. Let’s not forget his post midnight move to take away teachers’ ability to direct deposit dues to their state association for their offense of criticizing the legislature’s cuts to education.

Education is only one area of government being influenced by ALEC. The group’s education bills attempt to privatize education through a free market approach of unfettered charters and vouchers – at the expense of traditional public schools. Many of Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger’s education “reforms” can be traced to ALEC.

Instead, we need education reforms that are proven to work: smaller class sizes, more professional development and fair pay for our teachers.

Amy Womble


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