Louis Jordan: Mentally ill should come first

March 29, 2013 

Mentally ill should be first

You may have read about my brother Phil Wiggins when he left the state’s institutions after 44 years. If so, you know that mental health reform brought much suffering. The closing of Dix, and diminishing services, flooded our jails and emergency rooms with the mentally ill.

I sit on the Wake Crisis Cooperative with the hospitals and law enforcement. More and more mentally ill children are waiting long periods for treatment. How did this happen? How did the Democratic legislature circumvent the1848 Dix contract between the mentally ill and the state?

I am a registered Democrat. I want an efficient government that cares for its citizens. Who is caring for the 1 in 4 who have some form of mental illness? Wake County Commissioners have invested time, leadership and funding to alleviate the crisis.

I can’t comment on the motives of Joe Bryan and Paul Coble, but I can speak to their actions in mental health. With them, I ask that Raleigh pay a fair price for the Dix property. I have grandchildren. I would love for them to play on those hills I walked with my brother. But not while other children wait days for mental health treatment.

Louise Jordan

Nami Wake County Board Member

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