Dave Williamson: Helmets saved my life

March 29, 2013 

Helmets saved my life

To save gas and other expenses, I rode a motorcycle 34 miles roundtrip to work for more than 20 years, even during the rains, snows and ice of winter.

Three times, I went down in accidents that might have killed or catastrophically injured me. Crazy, huh? But as required by N.C. law, I wore a helmet, and it was only that headgear that ended up cracked and scarred and not me.

I’m grateful that the General Assembly mandated that bikers use helmets some 40 years ago. And know for a fact that rescinding this life-saving law will, over time, lead to thousands of deaths, horrible injuries, monstrous medical costs and heartache that could be avoided by leaving the law intact. The possible, misguided reversal of the useful legislation brings forcefully to mind the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

Dave Williamson


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